Reading Curriculum

 The importance of reading

  • 'Reading is the master skill of secondary school' - Alex Quigley
  • Students that read fluently have more cognitive resources to comprehend text
  • Students that comprehend text have a better chance of doing well in exams and in life

 Reading intervention

  • We test all students early in year 7 using the NGRT reading test
  • We also test students in years 8 to 11
  • Teacher marksheets have the following reading data - RA, SAS, SC, PC
  • We use our intervention flowchart to identify students for phonics and reading fluency interventions
  • We use YARC diagnostic to select students for phonics intervention
  • We keep a spreadsheet of students that require phonics and reading fluency interventions from year 7 to 11

 Reading in the classroom

  • We have a whole school schedule showing when subjects explicitly teach reading fluency to students
  • Our target is for all students to have reading fluency lessons of 4.5 hours every fortnight
  • We use only strategies that have a large evidence base behind them, some include repeated oral reading, choral reading and echo reading
  • Students in years 7 to 10 have a pocket book used to write new vocabulary from Bedrock and their meanings to support speaking and writing in lessons

 Reading outside the classroom

  • All students in years 7 to 10 have a 20 minute expert reading session every week in registration.  Teachers read to students for at least 20 minutes
  • We have a reading curriculum showing the books that are read by each year group
  • All students complete one Bedrock Learning lesson per week in registration.  Bedrock Learning is an online adaptive vocabulary and reading platform
  • All students in year 7 to 10 have a pocket book to record new words and their meanings

 Reading beyond school

  • All students in years 7 to 10 are expected to complete a Bedrock lesson at home
  • Parents have access codes to enable them to monitor progress
  • Students are able to borrow books from the library to read for pleasure

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