Curriculum Statement

Our Mission is: To provide an exceptional learning experience for all, where potential is nurtured and  responsible citizens created.

Curriculum Aim

At Beechwood School, our curriculum aims to develop young people who are:


Curriculum Intent

Our ambitious curriculum provides a clear progression model for all learners. Knowledge and skills are sequenced to build a coherent, interconnected understanding of the curriculum and wider contexts creating deep learning and understanding. We value the spiritual and moral development of each student, as well as their intellectual and physical growth.


Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum implementation is built on these 4 principles from cognitive science. 


We make it a priority to know our students and are ambitious about what they can achieve. Our reading curriculum and tier 2 vocabulary programme support our aim to ensure all students can access the curriculum. The learning environment is calm and orderly. Knowledge is carefully selected, sequenced and assessed towards defined endpoints. Co-planning of learning takes place in subject teams supported by instructional coaching to ensure effective teaching and learning takes place in every lesson.


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