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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Beechwood. I sincerely hope that our website gives you some insight into the vibrant, dynamic, ambitious, happy and successful community that we are. If you would like to learn more about our school, you are warmly invited to visit us. Please call us to arrange a time to tour our school and meet our wonderful young people and staff.  Similarly if you require any information from our website and would prefer a hard copy, please contact us.

I feel totally privileged to be the Headteacher of such a wonderful school community. Having worked in a range of schools for 31 years, 16 of which as a Headteacher, I can confidently state that there is something very special about Beechwood. The community spirit is so strong. The commitment of staff is absolutely exceptional and our young people are truly inspired and achieve great things as a consequence. This is the reality because of our special set of ‘Beechwood Values’

We value all.

We respect all.

We believe in all.

We see the good and potential in all.

We have a strong sense of all having an entitlement to experience excellence & success.

We are all determined to ‘do our best to be the best that we can be’.

These values determine everything we do and aspire to achieve together every day. We have a School Motto

Try our  best  to do our  best  to be the  best!

This is known by all and acted upon by all every day. Our motto is our daily reality and reflects the extremely high standards which are secured. This greatness was no more clearly seen than this summer when our senior students achieved so well in their public examinations. Our Sixth Form students secured record breaking results for our school and there was some exceptional individual outcomes for Year 11 students where targets were significantly exceeded. The 2017 to 2018 academic year was therefore a highly successful one for our school and we are very much looking forward to going from strength-to-strength this forthcoming year.

In light of this, when parents entrust their child in to our care, I completely make a promise.

  • Your child will be treated as an individual whose individual needs are identified and met.
  • Your child will be supported to grow and achieve academically and socially.
  • Your child will have a very broad and complete education.
  • Your child will thrive, succeed and be able to fulfil their hopes, dreams and ambitions.

The fulfilment of this promise and therefore the experience of life as a Beechwood student, simply means that we are exceptionally proud of all of our young people. They achieve great things, they have great futures ahead of them, they are, indeed, simply great!

We hope you find this website helpful; if you would prefer to receive any information contained here as a hard copy please let us know and we would be pleased to send this to you.  

Kathleen M Higgins

Executive Headteacher

Message from the Headteacher

5 January 2021

Dear Parent and Student

Clearly since my letter to you yesterday there has been some further and considerable change with regards to the national context. I wanted to assure you that we continue to assess and address our provision as we have been, to best serve the needs of our young people at this difficult and unsettling time.

Firstly, with regards to learning, the information I shared yesterday still applies. Remote teaching and learning is taking place for our exam groups now. We have in-school provision, running for our critical worker and vulnerable student groups now. All other students have tasks set and next week will be moving to more extended remote teaching and learning provision. Throughout this period when most of our young people need to work from home, we will be monitoring their engagement closely and will be in contact if there are concerns. We will also have regular contact to ensure that everyone is okay.

Secondly, with regards to well-being, if a parent or student has any concern whatsoever, then we urge you to be in contact with us via email or telephone and let us know. We will do everything we can to help and support. We understand that not returning to school for a little while will be fine for the majority of young people but others may struggle and we are committed to putting in place the most appropriate nature of support possible.

Thirdly, it has been announced that the summer public examinations will not now take place. This may well leave our examination students feeling very uncertain. Although we don’t yet have information from the Examination Boards and the Government about the awarding of grades this year, I want to provide some reassurance. Last year, as a school, we managed very successfully the Centre Assessed Grades and believe all our young people received the grades they deserved and were therefore positioned to move to the next stage in their educational journey in line with their aspirations and expectations. We believe that there is no reason why this should not be the reality for our young people this year. The absolutely critical thing at this stage is that all engage in the work set. If there is to be an element of teacher assessment that informs the final outcome of public exams - as was the case last year - then we need to have evidence of work, and the standard of work must warrant the grade. Our students have been advised before that a target grade is not the same as a current performance grade and therefore it is essential that all put in their best effort now to complete their best work so that they can be assessed and awarded the best grade by teachers in light of current performance, if this is the process that the Government and Examination Authorities are going to pursue this year. It is to be noted, however, and separate communication has gone out about this, that the vocational exams scheduled for this week and next week will still be taking place and we wish our young people the very best as they engage in these.

Fourthly, all families whose children receive free school meals should now have received contact and have made arrangements to collect their hamper. If there is any change to this arrangement in light of lockdown we will advise you immediately, but for now, all arrangements communicated are still being pursued. We are aware that the quality of the content of this hamper needs to be addressed and this is something that is being pursued as a matter of urgency. This is not something that we provide directly but on behalf of our families we are addressing the nature and quality of the content and expect this to be rectified as a matter of top priority.

Finally, I want to wish you all well. I know we all appreciate how vital it is that we adhere rigidly to the lockdown requirements in order to keep safe and well and I sincerely hope that this remains the reality for all.

I will continue to keep in regular contact.

Miss K M Higgins
Executive Headteacher

4 January 2021

Dear Parent and Student,


As promised, I write again today to reiterate some key information.  I will continue to communicate with you regularly when there are updates as I fully appreciate how difficult it is when there is a changing situation and a lack of clarity.  I know you appreciate that this fluidity and lack of clarity is not a school-based issue, it totally relates to, and reflects, the national context and the decisions that are being made by the Government.


So, for today, I detail below some key matters.


Critical Worker and Vulnerable Student provision

Tomorrow we welcome into school students who fall into this group of young people.  All parents/carers should now be aware of whether their child has been registered for this provision.  All should also now be aware of the timings of the day for our Critical Worker/Vulnerable Student provision.  I shared this in my last letter to you which is also on our school website.  Only those young people who are registered and whose parent/carer has received contact from us should attend tomorrow.  When they arrive at school, they must adhere to social distancing instructions and first thing they will be asked to engage in a health and safety briefing so they fully understand what is required at this time when COVID infection rates have increased and there is a new variant of the virus prevalent in the community.  We want to ensure that all members of our school community stay safe and well and therefore it is vital that some really important behaviours are explained and then adhered to.

From tomorrow remote teaching and learning will commence for our examination students in Years 11, 12 and 13

Our young people are expected to be online and will be required to follow their usual timetable, in line with the usual timing of their school day, and complete work as required by members of staff.  The small number of students who do not have the necessary IT device at home currently will be contacted and arrangements made with families to enable their online access.  In the interim, whilst this is being set up, they will be sent hard copy work to engage in.  This has been addressed today so there should be little delay.


Protocol/Home-School Agreement with regards to engaging in online remote learning

Attached is a document which explains clearly our protocol with regards to online learning and which needs to be adhered to in order to support, enable and protect all.  I ask that this is looked at closely and it is understood that this is an absolute requirement.


Tasks for students in Years 7 to 10 to engage in this week

In order to prepare all our young people for the term ahead, members of staff will be setting tasks for all to engage in this week who are in Years 7 to 10.  These tasks will be uploaded onto our Google Classrooms and for those students who do not currently have online access at home, they will be posted a hard copy.  It is expected that all will engage in these tasks this week.


Free School Meal Provision

For students who will be present in school this week, they will be able to receive their meals via our Restaurant as usual.  For those who are at home, we will be in contact separately about the collection of hampers this week which our school meals provider will put together.  As this situation does not apply to all, it was judged to be most helpful to communicate to relevant families separately.  Please keep an eye out for this communication.


To conclude, if there is anything else we can assist with at this time, please do not hesitate to be in contact either via our enquiries’ email address or via telephone on our Main Reception contact number.  During school hours our Reception is open to receive calls.


Very best wishes,


Yours sincerely



Kathleen Higgins

Executive Headteacher

Information about Remote Learning Pupils


31 December 2020


Dear Parent and Student,


Change to start of term arrangements


I hope you are managing to have a good Christmas period and that you are all keeping well.


I am sure that you will be aware of the Government announcement late yesterday afternoon and therefore the change to the information previously shared with you about the start of term arrangements for all our young people.  In light of this, I thought it helpful to communicate with you immediately to advise you of current confirmed arrangements.  Next week, there will be further information shared about remote learning and Covid testing in our school, but for now I would like to advise you of the following.


  • During the week beginning 4th January, staff and only students who have been identified as either particularly vulnerable or children of critical workers, will be in school.
  • Remote Learning will commence for our public exam students in Years 11, 12 and 13 from Tuesday 5th January . This means they will be working from home for this week, in line with their regular timetable and with interaction from members of staff, and then from Monday 11th January, they (public exam students) will be returning to in school learning . The detail relating to this return to in school learning from this date will be shared next week and will be informed by the testing regime which we are in the process of setting up and will be implementing from 11th
  • For all other year groups , the start of their school term has been affected as well. From Tuesday 5th January

non-public exam students in Years 7 to 10 and in Year 12, who are not in our critical worker/vulnerable student group, will be set assignments to undertake at home in preparation for further online learning in line with their timetables from Monday 11th January and then will return to in school learning from Monday 18th January .  Again, detail relating to remote learning expectations and then return to in school learning from Monday 18th January for students in Years 7 to 10 and Year 12 non-public exam students (summer 2021) will be shared next week and will be informed by the testing regime which we are in the process of setting up.

  • In my letter of 18th December, I asked all families who wished to take up the critical worker student provision to register with us . This registration needs to be completed by this weekend.  Provision will be in place from Tuesday 5th January and you will be contacted on Monday 4th January with further details .  For information, however, the timings of the school day for our vulnerable students and our critical worker students will be as follows:


Year 7 – start of school day is at 9 am and end of day is at 2.35 pm

Year 8 – start of school day is at 9.10 am and end of day is at 2.45 pm

Year 9 – start of school day is at 9.10 am and end of day is at 2.45 pm

Year 10- start of school day is at 9.05 am and end of day is at 2.40 pm


Students are expected to arrive at their designated time only, enter and exit through the usual entrance/exit they would normally use, maintain social distance and have no contact with students from other Year Group bubbles unless they are family members.

  • All those students who are considered to be particularly vulnerable and therefore would benefit from being in school from 5th January will be contacted on Monday 4th January and their attendance confirmed. The timings of their school day are listed above.
  • For those students who will be in school from 5th January, the Restaurant will be running a meal provision, although clearly limited in light of the numbers of people on site. This will also be the case from 11th  Those students who are entitled to free school meals and who will be in school, will be able to get their entitlement as usual.  For those who are not in school, provision will be made, as has been the case previously. We are liaising with our school meal provider about this and will confirm arrangements for free school meals from 5th January for all who will not be present in school.
  • We are aware that our public examination students will be particularly concerned at this time. For those due to take public exams in January , these will proceed in line with timetables already shared and you will receive separate communication about this.  For our young people anticipating their PPEs (mock exams ) shortly, we will be rescheduling these to reflect the change to the start of term arrangements and the testing regime that needs to take place and, again, there will be separate communication to students and their parents as is relevant to them.


I trust the sharing of this information today is helpful to you. As I have indicated, there will be further information shared with you next week.  Also, although what I have shared here are the current plans and are absolute intention at this time, you will be aware that the current situation is a most fluid and dynamic one unfortunately and there may be the need to amend plans in light of the national and local developments.  As always, I will communicate with you at the earliest possible opportunity should this be necessary.


Very best wishes,



Yours sincerely



Kathleen Higgins

Executive Headteacher




Message from the Headteacher

Huge congratulations to our Year 13 students - a fantastic set of results achieved. We are incredibly proud of you and your very well earned success. It has been another great year for the Beechwood Sixth Form which continues to go from strength to strength'

Important Message - Public Examinations Summer 2020 

Dear Parent/Carer

Please click on the links below where I write to share the information we have received from Ofqual (the body that oversees all our public examinations) about how grades are going to be awarded this summer.

Yours sincerely

Kathleen Higgins

Executive Headteacher

Letter to parents - Public Examinations Summer 2020

Ofqual letter to students

Beechwood School Top of the League - Press Coverage

Beechwood School is delighted to share that its Sixth Form provision has been identified as the strongest in Slough in terms of the progress students make and their examination outcomes.

The Government shares data on all post-16 providers (schools, academies and colleges) and the information just published shows that student results at Beechwood are top within the Slough Local Authority area. Indeed, the national data on all state funded academies, schools and colleges shows that Beechwood is in the top 2% nationally with regards to examination outcomes.

This is a great achievement and something very special for the young people and families who are part of the Beechwood School community which is located on the Britwell Estate.

Headteacher, Kathleen Higgins, states:

‘I am absolutely delighted that our school is now one of the best in the country for its Sixth Form provision in light of the great results that students achieve'.

I am so thrilled for our young people and so very proud of them.  They have achieved really great things thanks to their hard work and also thanks to the excellent way in which they work in partnership with our team of highly committed, expert and hardworking members of staff.

It is such a privilege to see our young people flourish and excel.  These results assure them of great futures. As our school goes from strength to strength, it also assures all current students that they have the opportunity to achieve fantastically well.   There is a great deal to look forward to.

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