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Beechwood School Local Governing Body 2022- 2023

Governors Category Start of current term  End of Current Term 

Mr Paul Rowley 


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Local Authority  1st September 2021  1st September 2025 

Mr Ian Scaife 

Acting Vice Chair

Community Governor  6th December 2021  5th December 2025 

Karen Goodwin

Staff Governor 1st September 2021 31st August 2025

Mr Stas Murzynowski 

(Linked to  Inclusion )

Community Governor  25th March 2021  25th March 2025 

Mr Paul Smith 

(Linked to Curriculum )

Community Governor  1st September 2021  31st August 2025 

Ms Katherine Russell

Community Governor 4th October 2022 3rd October 2026

Mrs Samantha Ings

Parent Governor 4th October 2022 3rd October 2026

Miss Gemma Sandland

Parent Governor 4th October 2022 3rd October 2026


All communication should be addressed to the Chair of Governors

Beechwood School
Long Readings Lane
Berkshire SL2 1QE

The Governing Body of Beechwood School warmly welcomes applications from anyone who is interested in becoming a School Governor.  

There are no special requirements - just a will to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Brief Q&As are listed below.  

For further information, please contact the Clerk to the Governors on the Governors' Home Page or visit the National Governors' Association website: 

I’m not a parent  

You don’t need to have children or be a parent of a child at the school to become a School Governor.

Time Commitment  

The average time commitment is 10-15 hours per term. This includes meetings, background reading and school visits.

School Governors are like magistrates or members of a jury and therefore have a right to reasonable time off work for their public duties (this may be unpaid). Check with your H.R. department for your company’s policy.

Term of Office  

School Governors have a term of office of four years. However, as a volunteer you can resign at any time if your circumstances change.


Governing bodies rely on a variety of experiences and perspectives. No prior knowledge is required. Training and support is available for new and existing governors and is free of charge.

Different types of Governor  

Governing bodies have representatives of school staff, the local authority, parents and members of the community. Despite representing different groups, all governors have exactly the same role and voting rights. If you are confused by any of the terminology we are always on hand to explain in more detail and help you understand your role.

The Legal Stuff  

Responsibility for actions and decisions lies with the governing body as a whole and not with individual members.


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