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Welcome Message

Thank you very much indeed for showing an interest in our school. We know how important it is that any potential applicant for a position has a really good sense of what a school is like before making the decision that this will be the right professional context for them to pursue their career in. Nothing beats visiting a school, meeting the young people, staff and Headteacher and as a consequence you are welcome to visit us. I know, however, that this is not always practical and therefore you are welcome to call and have a conversation if this would prove helpful. Maybe, however, you would just like some insight into what really matters to us at Beechwood and therefore I am delighted to share the following.

Our young people’s happiness and success is what drives us. We believe as professionals that we have the power to be positively transformational and we are determined to be so. This can only happen if colleagues feel valued and have an exciting, dynamic, well-resourced learning environment in which to work. We invest in colleagues’ training and development. We grow our own leaders, we ensure that outstanding professionals are rewarded and are assured of career enhancing opportunities and career progression.

Our school community is diverse academically, socially, culturally, indeed in every dimension. We celebrate this. We see this as what makes us special and our school such an enriching environment in which to work. We have a strong track record of securing success and we are on a journey to become an outstanding school. We know our weaknesses and strengths and have robust and effective plans in place to ensure that we are securing progress every day, week and term. It is truly an exciting place to be.

If you are a colleague who thrives in such a context and who can ensure that our core values of valuing all, respecting all, believing in all, seeing the good and potential in all, ensuring all to experience excellence and success, showing determination to be the best that you can be then we would welcome your contact and application to join us.

Kathleen M Higgins

Executive Headteacher



Thank you for your interest in joining our vibrant, high achieving school community.

Applications for both teaching and non-teaching roles here at Beechwood should be made using the TES link.  Once applied, we will use this application form to help inform us of your suitability for the post.  Please therefore can you make sure that all sections of the application form are completed in full, it is accurate and legible.  We are unable to accept CVs for all posts unless it is submitted as a supporting document with the fully completed application form.

You may also wish to provide a supplementary covering letter to support your application.

If you require further information please contact Karen Crump, The Schelwood Trust HR Manager by telephoning 01753 520473, via email to or by post to Beechwood School, Long Readings Lane, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 1QE


For information on our current vacancies for both teaching and support roles, please visit:

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