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Independent State School Partnership ISSP


Independent State School Partnership (ISSP)


Beechwood School is very proud of the ISSP initiative.  It was a DfE initiative which looked to promote structure and funding for positive liaisons between the state school sector and the private sector.  Amongst its aims are breaking down barriers between the sectors, sharing of professional practice and the raising of pupil standards.

ISSP partnerships schools, working alongside Beechwood in the Eton, Slough, Windsor & Heston Partnership are:  Eton College, The Langley Academy, Slough & Eton Business & Enterprise School, St Joseph’s R.C. School, Windsor Boys’ and Heston Community college.

Our students have enjoyed many opportunities for collaborative experiences with Eton, such as Saturday Morning School for our Year 11 students working alongside the students from Eton College which has continued into our new academic year 2014 – 2015.  The ISSP Choir Event which involved students performing at the South Bank in London.  In July our Sixth Form student Farah Nasir was invited by the BBC to go to Broadcasting House to take part in an interview for the Radio 4 programme ‘You and Yours’ - giving her perspective of the ISSP experience, which ran alongside an interview with the outgoing Headmaster of Eton College and his views on the value of the ISSP partnership.

Projects for 2014 – 2015

Saturday School for Year 11

Science Projects for various Year groups

Further projects being finalised currently.