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Beechwood Ethos


At Beechwood we have a single goal for all our students and staff alike. All day, every day we are determined to try our best to do our best to be the best that we can be. ‘Doing our best to be the best’ is our school motto and we are delighted that this is a daily reality within our school community.

We believe we are a unique learning community. We have a special set of ‘Beechwood Values’ which determines everything we do. These values lead to a unique ethos within our school. We are ambitious and dynamic. We are fulfilling our aspirations. Our young people are enjoying learning and achieving. Our staff expertise is exceptional and enables our young people to thrive academically, socially and personally.

Every day, because of our values, ethos and goal our young people achieve things they never thought they were capable of when they joined our school. We believe this is what makes Beechwood so special. Being part of the Beechwood community is life enhancing and therefore a life-long experience. Joining Beechwood School provides exceptional opportunity to secure academic success and the skills and aspiration necessary to progress to further and higher education and professional and personal fulfilment.